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Gold coins, gold bullion, silver coins, and silver bullion are the best investments for gold and silver investors. The best gold bullion coins and silver bullion coins are summarized on this page. For more information on gold and silver bullion and coins, visit other pages on this Web site.
"Precious metals have had value in all civilizations, have survived all financial crises, and can be expected to do the same in the future. However, it is to all investors' interests that they know what they are doing before investing in
precious metals."

Bill Haynes
CMI Gold & Silver, Inc.

Does your gold have to be reported?


Gold purchases do not have to be reported. This myth is so pervasive that CMI feels obligated to clarify this misunderstanding repeatedly.

See Myths, Misunderstandings, and Outright Lies to learn about the pitfalls of investing in precious metals.
CMI Building

Our offices are located on the 11th floor at 3800 N. Central Avenue in a complex of buildings known as City Square in Uptown Phoenix.

Phoenix, Arizona's Premier Gold and Silver Dealer

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the United States and has played a major role in introducing investors to the gold and silver markets. Although domiciled in Phoenix, Arizona, CMIGS buys and sells gold and silver with investors across the United States.

Why Phoenix, Arizona?

Because Arizona is the nation's largest copper producing state and the nation's fifth-largest silver producer, Phoenix is also the home of major mining companies. In 1973, when silver was only $2.00, CMIGS' founder, a longtime Phoenix resident with ties to Arizona's mining interests, recognized the growing uses for silver and the dwindling silver stockpiles would result in higher silver prices. Consequently, CMIGS was launched to sell silver bullion to investors. In 1980, silver topped $50.

Our Mission:

As a gold and silver dealer, CMIGS' mission is to guide and direct investors into the precious metal that best fits their investment goals, while offering the lowest prices available. This includes advising investors as to which precious metal holds, in CMIGS' analysis, the greatest upside potential. We also consider it our responsibility to warn investors to avoid telemarketer-promoted gold and silver coins that are grossly overpriced.(See Myths, Misunderstandings, and Outright Lies and Old U.S. Gold Coins.)

CMIGS also has as its mission the education of precious metals investors as to the benefits--and dangers--of the precious metals markets. We do this through this website and our Monetary Digest newsletter, which covers economic, political, and social developments that affect precious metals prices. Monetary Digest is published exclusively for CMIGS clients.

Our Promise:

We will recommend only those precious metals investments that we believe will provide you the biggest profits, not the ones that provide us the biggest profits. We also recognize that many people buy precious metals not for "profits" but for "insurance." In such cases, we recommend the precious metal that we believe will meet those goals.

Our People:

Bill Haynes has headed CMIGS since its 1973 inception. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. Before moving to Phoenix, Arizona, Bill was a stockbroker in Denver, Colorado; he received his training for that profession on Wall Street. Today, Bill has the pleasure of working with the offspring of his 41-year marriage.
Mike Haynes has been with CMIGS for ten years, having joined CMIGS after nine years with a large food wholesaler where he was a graphic artist. In addition to taking orders, Mike oversees shipping, and generally runs CMIGS when Bill is gone. Mike has an Associates Degree from Glendale Community College.
Shannon Estes received a degree in French Studies from Brigham Young University and has lived in Europe where she became fluent in French. Before joining CMIGS, Shannon worked in customer relations for two marketing firms. She is the mother of two.
Adam Haynes works on marketing and advertising. Adam holds a Justice Studies degree from Arizona State University, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Minimum Orders

The minimum orders for bullion purchases at CMIGS are five ounces of gold, platinum, or palladium. The minimum order for silver bullion (.999 fine) is 300 ounces. The minimum order for pre-1965 circulated 90% silver coins is a $500 face value bag, which is approximately 357.50 ounces of silver.

CMI Gold & Silver, Inc.
3800 N. Central Avenue
11th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona, 85012

Call CMI at 1-800-528-1380 for answers to any questions or clarifications. Our hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Mondays through Fridays. Our offices are in the middle of the Phoenix, Arizona financial district. CMI has had the same bank account since its inception in 1973. References available on request

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